Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sonnet 56: Flarf

Love, force it and it disappears
Courtney Love is a force of nature
Lair of the crab ineffable wisdom
I love you guys! I love your hair!
Love force is perfection force
And here I lay all alone tossin’ turnin’
A phoenix rising from the Dirty South
Force vomit says make love not war
Meatwork Frylock and Master Shake
Fur footed love force two-minute miracle
Jim Love and the Blue Groove Tube
Gravitation and love won’t be denied
The purity of our false love is clear
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes blow monkeys
Scientific name: bubo virginiansus
Particular screams I just did a fatty
Two witches lyrics for my use only
Her love had died calling and reaching
Hungry fish hungry cat she held up
half the sky who sent you the man asked
when the baby opened its eyes I’m coming
out like a .45 spinning like a Wurlitzer
bright in dark denotes eyes the judges
have sharpened their knives chain smoking
wielding a sharpened spoon love needs
a nursing home love needs more girl songs
love needs to die sportin’ geekin’ eyes
love needs a heart a sea of stars into the myopic
A canvas covered cabin in a crowded labor camp


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