Monday, February 18, 2008

Sentences from a Fiction

Jennifer knew more about ballroom dancing than she knew about herself.

In any gathering, Roland was the one closest to the brink.

Because farming never began in the region, it never came to a stop.

The cries of Arctic terns were faintly heard, within or beneath the wind.

Accidents never happened, but the concept was enthralling, especially to Jem.

A branch of the tree had slipped through the window and, as she slept, scraped the whitewashed ceiling.

Populus Tremuloides was merely the name of the species.

God was an infinite series of primitive or putative forms, he concluded during his final landing.

Error was the least difficult of masters, at least for Ellen.

Kafka’s fictive context was the state we were actually in.

The great voice talent is always the first to challenge his host’s assertions.

The problem with Jack’s past was his need to live in the future.

She noticed, with a shock, the sudden appearance of a new Ivory baby.

Marianne had always preferred the translucent to the transparent and opaque.

Mothers smile at their children and at an empty room.

His license plate said, ALAS ERECT, in capital letters.

The Matthew Barney exhibit made her feel soiled, as if by the antiseptic urine of a male cheerleader.

In social defeat, Robin always wore the brave costumes of narcissism and fate.

Numb Nuts was the name of the driver, not the passenger in back; nevertheless she was offended.

Arnold patiently descended into the warm bunny-hutch of a Henry James sentence.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent selection here, I specially love the first one and the last one (though I'd never thought of a Henry James sentence as a rabbit hutch before, its a great comparison) and the one about Kafka (and that reflects just how I think about kafka!)

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Berkley said...

Pure inspiration. One thing I like about poetry is not having to finish a thought, these sentences make me want to try one of my own. "She cradled the statue for just a moment longer, it wasn't he that she was mad at, but she would never let him know."


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