Thursday, March 01, 2012

En el idioma y en la tierra

I just had a beautiful bilingual edition of my work published by Conaculta in Mexico City.  Many thanks to the publisher and to the amazing poet Maria Baranda, who translated the work and so generously made all this possible.  Titled En el idioma y en la tierra (In Idiom and Earth), it consists primarly of work from Winter Mirror (Flood Editions, 2002), Poems in Spanish (Omnidawn, 2005), and Edge and Fold (Apogee, 2006).  The book was just published last week so it will be a few weeks  until the book is available to the public at Conaculta's bookstores in Mexico.  Thanks also to Devin Johnston and Michael O'Leary, Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan, and Alice Jones and Ed Smallfield, the original publishers of the work.  I'm pasting in below Maria's translation of "Driver's Song":

Canción del conductor

Nunca llegaré a Danville, Ohio,
distante y solitaria Danville.

Carro negro, luna pequeña,
en el asiento trasero la cerveza.
Porque olvidé todos los caminos
nunca llegaré a Danville, Ohio.

En las llanuras, a través de Indiana,
donde también estuve solo.
Carro negro, luna amarilla.
Mi padre muerto me observa
desde la ventana de arriba.

Qué camino más largo desde California
y en qué coche más rápido–
invisible para el alma.

Más allá veo a la muerte moviéndose lenta en el camino.
Sé que tocaré su vestimenta
antes de que jamás llegue a Danville, Ohio.

Distante y solitaria Danville.

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At 9:37 AM, Blogger Zaenal mutaqin said...

i appreciate your poem .. : )

just come and visit please ..

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Benjamin Marcus Raucher said...

Distance does not always lead to a clear view

Benjamin Raucher

At 1:57 AM, Blogger diymonk said...

very beautifully written poem. loved it :)

hope you like my poems too.

At 2:48 AM, Blogger bonzoi said...

Wow the poem is really awesome and i liked the ending... it is well explained... you should go for book publishing


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