Monday, October 01, 2012

The Windows (Activate Me)


activate me
actuate me
abbreviate me
accumulate me 

abdicate me
abrogate me  

accelerate me
adjudicate me 

aspirate me
assassinate me 

berate me
backdate me 

bedmate me
bifurcate me 

boilerplate me
bloviate me 

bombinate me
breastplate me 

binucleate me
birthdate me 


calibrate me
create me 

capitulate me
concentrate me 

carbondate me
celebrate me  

cheapskate me
castigate me  

cogitate me
checkmate me 

desecrate me
devastate me 

decorate me
defoliate me 

dedicate me
digitate me 

delegate me
defibrillate me 

domesticate me
defenestrate me 

educate me
elongate me 

emanate me
emancipate me 

escalate me
enumerate me 

exaggerate me
explicate me 

excoriate me
elevate me 

fabricate me
fascinate me 

flagellate me
fecundate me 

frustrate me
fragmentate me 

fixate me
formulate me 

fornicate me
floodgate me 

germinate me
generate me 

gesticulate me
glaciate me 

gyrate me
gravitate me 

graduate me
granulate me 

gestate me
guesstimate me 


hallucinate me
hibernate me 

hydrate me
housemate me 

hyphenate me
humiliate me 

habituate me
habilitate me  

herniate me
homophonate me 

                       imitate me
                       illuminate me 

immigrate me
indoctrinate me 

implicate me
impregnate me
                        incinerate me
incorporate me 

inoculate me
inebriate me 


lactate me
lacerate me 

laminate me
legislate me 

liberate me
levitate me 

locate me
lineate me 

luxuriate me
lubricate me 


mate me
medicate me 

mutate me
menstruate me 

moderate me
mistranslate me 

motivate me
miscreate me 

militate me
ministrate me 


narrate me
necessitate me 

nominate me
notate me 

nucleate me
negotiate me 

navigate me
nauseate me 

nameplate me
numerate me 


orate me
orchestrate me 

officiate me
operate me 

ordinate me
outskate me 

ovulate me
overrate me  

oblate me
obfuscate me 


palpitate me
palliate me
penetrate me
permeate me 

perpetuate me
playdate me 

populate me
postulate me 

predicate me
proliferate me 

radiate me
recreate me 

regulate me
replicate me 

resonate me
reticulate me 

rotate me
ruminate me 

reiterate me
reinstate me 


sedate me
saturate me 

separate me
syncopate me 

speculate me
sophisticate me 

simulate me
subjugate me 

sublimate me
syndicate me 


translate me
truncate me 

terminate me
template me 

tessellate me
tablemate me 

triplicate me
triangulate me 

tolerate me
tailgate me 

uncrate me
understate me 

ululate me
update me
undulate me
ulcerate me
umbellate me
umbilicate me 

underrate me
urinate me
vibrate me
violate me 

vacate me
validate me
ventilate me
variegate me
vociferate me
vitiate me
vindicate me
venerate me


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Rashmi Malapur said...

This is a truly amazing piece of work!!!!

At 3:07 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Deepak Kripal said...

that has to be the first of its kind..

haven't seen anything like this..

thoroughly enjoyed it..


At 10:17 AM, Blogger Edgar Martinez said...

Amazing poem! Great letters, a send a congratulations to Paul! Greetings from Guatemala!

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Edgar Martinez said...

Amazing Poem! Great letters, Paul! Send an receive congratulations, nice work!

Greetings from Guatemala!


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