Monday, June 15, 2015

Hurry Up Please It's Time

Hurry Up Please It's Time, A new anthology of poetics, has just been published. Edited by Vanessa Place and Teresa Carmody, it contains Trenchart monographs by Les Figues Press authors:(  In addition to my three-part essay, "Statement, Manifesto, Poetics," it contains pieces by Stephanie Taylor, Sissy Boyd, Lisa Darms, Vincent  Dachy, Molly Corey, Julie Thi Underhill, Nuala Archer, Axel Thormahlen, Danielle Adair, Alta Ifland, Stan Apps, Kim Rosenfield, Susan Simpson, Allison Carter, Ken Ehrlich, Amina Cain, Sophie Robinson, Harold Abramowitz, the VD Collective, Lily Hoang, Matthew Timmons, Frances Richard, Doug Nufer, Myriam Moscona, Jen Hofer, Alex Forman, Michael du Plessis, Melissa Buzzeo, Mark Rutkowski, Klaus Killisch,  Matias Viegener, Redell Olsen, Dodie Bellamy, Chris Tysh, Divya Victor, and Alice Koniitz.  Today I read Stan Apps' "On Unimportant Art" and Matthew Timmons' "the old poetics."

A page of my essay is below, from the "Manifesto" section:

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