Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Reprint, Appropriation (&) Literature

Sonnet 56 (2009) is featured in Annette Gilbert's study, Reprint, Appropriation (&) Literature (Berlin:  LuxBooks, 2014) for its processing of Shakespeare's sonnets with the machinery of Raymond Queneau's Exercises in Style.  The book includes facing German and English text, as well as photos of facing pages of the book doing the pirating.  Among many books discussed:  Words nd Ends from Ez (Jackson Mac Low, 1989); My Sun Also Rises (Robert Fitterman, 2008); RADI OS (Ronald Johnson, 1977); Purloined.  A Novel (Joseph Kosuth, 2000); A Humument.  A Treated Victorian Novel (Tom Phillips, 1970); UN COUP DE DES JAMAIS N'ABOLIRA LE HASARD.  IMAGE (Marcel Broodthaers, 1969); and Writing Through Finnegans Wake & Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake (John Cage, 1978). 

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