Monday, November 21, 2011

Madam I'm Adam

Madam Ad Imam
Madam Ad Maim
Madam Amid Ma
Madam Amid Am
Madam Maid Ma
Madam Maid Am
Madam Mad Aim
Madam Dam Aim
Mama Dad Imam
Mama Dad Maim
Mama Add Imam
Mama Add Maim
Mama Amid Mad
Mama Amid Dam
Mama Maid Mad
Mama Maid Dam
Mamma Ad Amid
Mamma Ad Maid
Mamma Dad Aim
Mamma Add Aim
Mamma Aid Mad
Madam Mama Id

[painting of edwin denby by alex katz]

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Thousand Buddhas: Hong Kong

I Traveled to Hong Kong last week for an international poetry conference. Among those invited by conference organizer Bei Dao were Regis Bonvicino of Sao Paulo, Maria Baranda of Mexico City, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko of St. Petersburg, Russia, Tomaz Salamun of Slovenia, C.D. Wright of Providence, Rhode Island, Bejan Matur of Turkey, Paul Muldoon of Ireland and Princeton, Vivek Narayanan of India, Silke Scheuermann of Germany, and Xi Chuan of Beijing, who has a book coming out from New Directions in English translation. Also present were Yuan Jian of Yunnan and Yao Feng of Macao, whom I'd met on a trip to Yunnan in 2005. One afternoon, Maria and I encountered these figures at the nearby Thousand Buddhas Temple.

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